18 October 2014

A first walk outside

It all started as usual: playing...

... and playing again...

... when suddenly our 2 littles furry friends were harnessed...

... in order to discover the outside world.

Such a great adventure it was no surprise they both needed a big nap after that.

Country & Cosily yours !

14 October 2014

Practical Poncho

Something practical for cooler days...

... when I don't want to wear a cardigan.

Warm and practical.

Country & Cosily yours !

05 October 2014

Autumn wreath

Take a simple wreath to which you add some hydrangeas from the garden...

... and you will get a simple Autumn wreath.

Country & Cosily yours !

04 October 2014

Strike the pause

Difficult (but not impossible) to crochet with 2 kittens on my knees.


Perfect models for a cute photo shooting...


... playing with the sun.

Hoping you too are having a lovely weekend.

Country & Cosily yours !

29 September 2014

Scrumptious Lace...

...  by Fyberspates, is the name of the yarn I used for this project.

With 45% silk and 55% merino, it's soft and comfortable to wear.

Bold as a flower, to brighten any day...

... as Autumn is well seated.

Country & Cosily yours !

28 September 2014

In progress

Yarn = Supersoft by Holstgarn

This color selection will become a starflower mandala.

I'm enjoying this sunny Sunday with some finishing

Hoping you too are having a great Sunday.

Country & Cosily yours !

20 September 2014



They both arrived some weeks ago in our home and are still putting the mess everywhere. 

But we don't mind 'cause it's funny and they are so cute.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Country & Cosily yours !