10 April 2014

A morning stroll

Coming out of Bruxelles-Luxembourg train station...
... on my way to work...
... I decided to go for a shooting stroll.
Looking all around...

... trying to find perfect spots...

... and playing with "mirors".

The walk wasn't always straight...

... and ended at this gate.
Wishing you a lovely day.

Country & Cosily yours !

05 April 2014

J - 7

In 7 days, these rooms will be fully furnished.

In 7 days, I'll be looking the garden through one of the windows.

In 7 days, this will be my new cooking environment.

And when it will be time to go to bed, I'll climb these stairs...

... probably stopping a few minutes to watch the garden again...

Hugues went for a UK theme decoration

... before reaching the kids bedrooms...

Renaud went for bright orange
 ... wishing them good night...

... and finally climb more stairs to reach my new bedroom.

In 7 days... I'll be finally in my new HOME !

03 April 2014

2014 - 71/365

08h05 - The LEX building
Blue and impressive.
Another picture for you, Doniene !

16 March 2014

Craft Sunday

When I saw this idea in a decoration shop the other day...

...I decided I would reproduce it my own way.

I liked the idea so much that this morning I went back to buy a second frame...
... and get more color sample labels, for making another version.

Now I have 2 frames for decorating my future house.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

Country & Cosily yours !

02 March 2014

Happy Springy Sunday

Today is a beautiful and Springy day... and I'm not the only one enjoying it.

Playing with some yarn... and my camera...

... in order to continue some of my ongoing projects.

Today, is a wonderful day... for you too, I hope !

Country & Cosily yours !

24 February 2014

16 February 2014


"Coast" by Holstgarn

Today I decided to start a new project using a yarn I love to work with.

Hoping you too are having a beautiful Sunday.

Country & Cosily yours !