17 August 2014


Yarn = "Laine Mohair Soie" from Phildar

More red than pink (ruby red in fact)

Needles n° 7 - a simple plain knitted shawl with a crocheted border (dc)

So soft,  so warm, so delightful...

Volup'T, is already on my shoulders ! ;-)

Country & Cosily yours !

07 August 2014

Lemon yellow

Testing a new stitch found on Pinterest

Easy... funny... perfect for a scarf.

Country & Cosily yours !

03 August 2014

Sunday shopping

In my basket, 3 colors from 2 different brands.

No specific projects in mind but I'll find some, for sure.

Country & Cosily yours !

02 August 2014

Meouw !


Since this morning, Pouf has 2 new playing partners...

Don't even think about getting closer to me ! :-)

Tomorrow, boys and I will find a name for this little one.
Well... they aren't playing yet but it will happen... one day !

Now my house is really a Home !

Country & Cosily yours !

22 July 2014

Pink for a precious friend

Last week was Ann's birthday.

Acrylic and mohair worked together

Ann loves pink and I love making shawls.

This is what came out of that combination.

Hope it will keep you warm later during the year, my dear Ann !

Country & Cosily yours !

20 July 2014

One yarn, three projects

I really fell in love with this yarn...

... so in love that I decided to use all of them at the same time.

I'm surprised by the different results according to the chosen pattern.

I still have a fourth color to work with ;-)

Hoping you all had a lovely weekend.

Country & Cosily yours !

11 July 2014

A good start...

Yarn= "Invicta colour" from Scheepjes (colour 960)

There are other versions : here... here... or there !

Wishing you already a lovely weekend.

Country & Cosily yours !