22 July 2014

Pink for a precious friend

Last week was Ann's birthday.

Acrylic and mohair worked together

Ann loves pink and I love making shawls.

This is what came out of that combination.

Hope it will keep you warm later during the year, my dear Ann !

Country & Cosily yours !

20 July 2014

One yarn, three projects

I really fell in love with this yarn...

... so in love that I decided to use all of them at the same time.

I'm surprised by the different results according to the chosen pattern.

I still have a fourth color to work with ;-)

Hoping you all had a lovely weekend.

Country & Cosily yours !

11 July 2014

A good start...

Yarn= "Invicta colour" from Scheepjes (colour 960)

There are other versions : here... here... or there !

Wishing you already a lovely weekend.

Country & Cosily yours !

10 July 2014

Special delivery

On this grey and rainy day (it has been raining for days now)...

... it's good to have some colors delivered ! Yummy !!!!!

Country & Cosily yours !

07 July 2014

Like a tattoo

I bought myself some top tanks I decided to customize on the back.

Just like wearing a little tattoo between my shoulder blades.

Country & Cosily yours !

03 July 2014

While waiting for the holidays...

... I continue watching the red poppies on my way to the train station...

... seeing other commuters waiting patiently for their train...

... looking at some kind of art... 

... waiting on gate number 8 of the same train station...

... sitting at the back of the 07h24 train to Brussels...

... admiring these little fountains that will probably a playing area for kids and dogs later in the day.

Hoping you too can find a way to wait patiently for your holidays.

Country & Cosily yours !

29 June 2014

Summer pouch

Today, I decided to make myself a new pouch.

Simple to make, colorful and practical.

Hoping you all had a lovely weekend.

Country & Cosily yours !